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Cab Fare & ERP Charges in a Trip From 1 Aug 2008 onwards

Types of Taxi Fare Calculator
All Surcharges + ERP + Meter fare you will find in your cabfare.

  • Option 1 Set Starting and Ending point by Reference
    Easy, more precise with motorists and commuters contributed route advice but at higher processing. For computers with OS(Windows XP/Vista or Above) using browser(IE 6-8 / FireFox 2.0 )
  • By Map
    Starting Point
    Ending Point

  • Option 2 Using Starting and Destination Area
    Easy, forecasting of Taxi Fare by given route using tacit knowledge and less processing, for computers with Internet Explorer 5 and below, economical processing Mobile Phone / PDAs with ability to surf basic web features.
  • By Area / Sector Reference
    Taxi Type
    Boarding From during hrs
    Alighting At

  • Option 3 Plot your Starting and Destination Point
    For smartphone with touchscreen Using Chrome Browser.

  • Useful Taxi-Booking Phone No
    Any Type of Taxis6-342-5222
    Comfort / Yellow Top / CityCab6-552-1111
    SMRT Taxis6-555-8888
    Prime Taxis6-778-0808

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