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Why do we exist?
To derive Singapore's complicated transport charges to be as simple as possible by a calculator within a few mouse clicks away.

Our secondary objective is to encourage effectivity, efficiency on transport and environment friendly to the earth as part of Saving Gaia effort via CarPool and CabSharing. The more we share, the more we save. will try to deliver the easiest way for all to estimate the total sum needed to travel in Singapore without cracking our brains.

Tell your friends about us to help us to save our brain cells for better things.

Problem Analysis and Solutions
Complicated Transport fees and cost structure. They are Fuel price, ERP and Taxifare. We provide this site for calculation/estimation in transport cost for cars and taxis.

Problems from Public Transport Passenger
  • Scared to take cab which is too expensive when there is overcrowding on public transport during peak hours
  • Scared cab drivers cheat to gain more cab fare from passenger
  • Do not know what are the surcharges implemented during different timings

  • Problems from Taxi Drivers
  • No/Less business which less people want to take cab which is too expensive
  • Scared the surcharges may shock the passengers and get off without payment
  • Scared to make passengers angry or feel bad when the charges are too high
  • Conflict to the passengers when explaining of the surcharges implemented

  • Problems from Taxi organisation
  • No/Less business which less people want to take cab which is too expensive
  • Taxi drivers may give up driving taxi and return back their rented taxi due to bad business
  • Might drop in the efficiency of the premium public transport system if less taxis on the road for flag or booking

  • Problems from Car Owners
  • Afraid cashcard do not have sufficient amount for deduction and end up paying fines
  • Stress up due to 2-3 deductions of cashcard during driving
  • Dangerous to other road users or driver if the driver try to take out cashcard from wallet or somewhere to insert cashcard
  • Dangerous to other road users or driver if the driver suddenly wants to switch lane to find an exit earlier if he saw an ERP gantry infront although it is 200 or 300m away
  • Increase expenses in transport

  • This site is not emphasizing on accuracy, precision in total distance or actual cost for ERP, but to give you an estimation of the amount for the lowest and the highest amount by our tacit knowledge calculation and intelligent systematic database for ERP and Taxi fare, we advise driver should not follow the computer way of driving due to reasons like jams, under construction, events happening at anytime, every driver have his own way and direction for driving place to place.

    An online calculator is provided to the public to verify to prevent unjustification of fares. Hence, it can gauge the estimated fare to consumers to know before boarding a cab.

    This calculator also minimize conflicts between cab drivers and passengers as subcharges or high charges of ERP are implemented during certain timings and charged due to certain reasons by the taxi organisation.

    This website provides
  • Fairness to cab passengers and drivers
  • Displaying of cab surcharges for different times easily
  • Prevent passengers aboarding the cab with insufficient cash for fare payment
  • Minimization of conflicts in between passengers and cab drivers / companies/organisation on cab fare
  • Minimization of conflicts in between drivers and companies/organisation for transport claims
  • Minimization of fines on insufficient for cashcard deductions on ERP for drivers
  • Validation in cab fares by estimating charges online
  • Estimation of fuel cost for drivers and validate mileage claims in fuel cost
  • Validation of fuel expenditure claims for companies/organisations
  • Validation of transport expenditure claims for companies/organisations such as cashcard claims for ERP deduction

  • Why do we use tacit Knowledge?
    The reason is, calculation through computers are not as smart as human thinking. Computers are robots, you can never trust them, but you can trust human judgement thru experience. We have feedback and comments by internet users at any time to recommend other ways to travel for you to tell the cab driver which way to go in order to prevent ERP/ traffic jams due to construction or events.That is why we derived a tacit knowledge calculation for every driver and cab passenger to know the average amount and the highest amount of the trip made.
    In what ways can I access this website?
    You can surf to this website 24hours X 7 days a week via
  • Home internet
  • Office
  • Wireless internet via Shopping centres
  • Handphone via GPRS/Wireless internet via Shopping centres

  • It is free for everyone to check, no password, userid or registration needed.
    Who owns and manages
    It is owned by Xeesa Services by using TSTKMS (Traffic Science Tacit Knowledge Management System) which is also designed and owned by Xeesa Services.

    TSTKMS is an online database with complex database tables with over tens thousands of records on ERP, cab fare, directions, tacit advices in order to simplify the complexity of the transport charging system in Singapore.

    Person in charge
    Damien, Traffic Science Analyst and Administrator
    SMS/HP: 9-008-8801
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