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List of operating Gantries / Cordons during 1430-1530hrs for today, Sunday . Time now is 2:42:06 PM
Travelling outside the City Area (PIE,AYE,BKE,CTE,ECP,KPE and roads outside the city)
ERP Gantries \Timings 1430-1435 hrs 1435-1455 hrs 1455-1500 hrs 1500-1505 hrs 1505-1525 hrs 1525-1530 hrs 1530-1535 hrs 1535-1555 hrs 1555-1600 hrs 1600-1605 hrs 1605-1625 hrs 1625-1630 hrsHighShow Charges
There are no operating ERP gantries outside the City Area

GREAT! No operating ERP Gantry Islandwide in Singapore during 1430-1530hrs.

Islandwide Operating ERP Gantries Checker
To help you to see if there is any ERP gantry operational at anytime on any day
Travelling timing during hrs on by

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