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    Welcome to TripSum

    The Singapore's 1st online Taxi fare, Fuel and (World's 1st) ERP calculator which is created by Xeesa Services to let motorists and cab passengers know where, when and how much cost to drive/travel on the road. It calculates your fuel, erp, taxi fare with the latest current erp charges, petrol price and taxi surcharges.

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    Useful Taxi-Booking Phone No
    Any Type of Taxis - 6-342-5222
    Comfort / Yellow Top / CityCab - 6-552-1111
    SMRT Taxis - 6-555-8888
    SmartCab - 6-485-7777
    TransCab - 6-555-3333
    SilverCab - 6-363-6888
    Prime Taxis - 6-778-0808

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